Finding Balance Before Fall

For many of us, August gets us preemptively thinking of the Fall.  We find ourselves in back-to-school mode or simply pinning all the pumpkin flavored desserts we hope to make when the season actually arrives.  This futuristic mindset can keep us from enjoying the last little bits of summer.  So many of us are missing out on today because we are too preoccupied with tomorrow.

Quiet Time

While not everyone is a morning person, dedicating 15 minutes to a soulful activity can help to stay present in the day’s activities. Not sure what constitutes a soulful activity? Try meditating, reading a book or drinking coffee over a gratitude journal.

Try to avoid opening your phone while you are still in bed in the morning.  Julia Cameron, author of the Artist’s Way, argues natural defenses are down during the first 45 minutes of the day.  With these defenses down, you are much more creative.  Try to take advantage of these soulful few minutes!

Plan What You Love

A futuristic mindset can keep you from reaching a goal by leaving you stuck in the planning state and from moving forward to the execution phase.  An author was able to start her writing career by dedicating 3 hours each week to writing.  She added it on her calendar and this small shift in her schedule enabled her to write 18 books.  Chipping away at a goal on a daily basis helps to keep you living in the present and not wishing for the day when there’s time.  We live most wholeheartedly when we add things to the rhythm of our life.


Lastly, if you are looking for a simple yet powerful step to help you shift from living in the future to enjoying the present, add a yoga practice into your weekly schedule.  It is a practice that requires not only physical but mental presence to endure.  Whether you practice at a studio with friends or in your home, yoga can store not only your body but also your mind.

We challenge you to stay present this August.  Life will shift in September as the kids start a new school year and summer vacations are a mere memory.  But for now, let’s enjoy this last month of beach days, sun-kissed hair and family barbeques. Remember – our life is today.

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