How to Prolong a Veluxe Blowdry

Everyone wants their amazing Veluxe blowdry to last as long as possible!  Here are some simple steps to keeping your hair voluminous.

  1. Preparation:  Don’t use any products the first day of your blowout!  This is super important.  Using products before your blowout will make your hair look heavier and greasier.
  2. Shower time:  Use a shower-cap!!!  The humidity of the shower and the occasional splash of water can really ruin your blow dry and cause your hair to frizz.  
  3. Preventing bed head:  Before you go to sleep, make sure you wrap your hair in either a soft scarf or pull it up in a loose bun. It’s also super helpful to sleep on a satin or silk pillow to keep your hair smooth and shiny.
  4. Product control:  Definitely make sure to buy a great dry shampoo before you get your Veluxe blowout.  Using a dry shampoo like Batiste keeps your hair from looking dirty and greasy.  Batiste has a great website that will help your choose the perfect dry shampoo for your hair and your style.
  5. Power of the iron:  By day 4 or 5 it is likely that your hair will have lost most of its volume from the original blowout and will look a little droopy.  If it starts looking limp, use a flat iron and curler to bring back the life to your hair!


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