My Summer Interning Experience with Veluxe

This summer, I had the opportunity to work for Veluxe as a marketing and social media intern.  These past two months have been such a great experience, and I have learned so much about what it entails to run a successful startup.  Behind every booking on our app or click on the Veluxe website, there are many hardworking and talented employees who are fulfilling each request and making sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services.  Our CEO, Susanna Quinn, is also constantly coming up with creative ideas on how to expand the business and solve any problems.  I have really benefited from working in such an empowering environment.


During my last week of work, Susanna and the Veluxe team wanted to thank me for the work that I did as their intern.  Not only did they take me out to a special lunch but Susanna also bought me a beautiful gift, the Shinola Chili Pepper Medium Shopper Tote.  The experience of going to the store, buying the tote, and using the tote on a daily basis has been so pleasant that I knew I had to blog about it.


Susanna and I went to the beautiful Shinola D.C. store on 14th street to buy the tote.  I definitely wanted to get the Medium Shopper tote but I wasn’t sure which color I preferred, they have six gorgeous colors.  As soon as we walked in, we met the super sweet store manager, Alicia.  She immediately asked if she could get us water or if we wanted to try Shinola’s very own Cola, made and bottled in Detroit.  I asked for the Cola and it was delicious!  I then looked at the bags and decided to go with the Chili Pepper red color.  They also have a beautiful navy color but the Chili Pepper is the most gorgeous shade of red and is such a statement piece.  Then, Alicia, asked what my initials were so that she could monogram my bag.  She monogrammed it right in front of me with a really cool machine and 30 seconds later my bag was ready to go!



Since then, I have used my bag every day and have become obsessed with it.  Everything about the bag is perfect.  The leather is beautiful, the straps are a great length, and it even comes with a removable zip pouch and two interior pockets. Although, the best part of the bag, the quality that really separates it from any other tote, is how light it is. This tote can carry anything and everything, from my laptop and textbooks to my yoga clothes, and yet it still remains so easy to carry. I have already received dozens of compliments on my bag and it’s just the perfect and most practical tote. Knowing how well all of Shinola’s products are made, I am sure that this bag will last me a very long time.


Thank you so much to Susanna, the Veluxe team, and to Shinola for a great summer interning experience!

XO, Gabrielle

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